OJSC Naftan refinery has a fuel-oil-aromatic profile which allows the Company to implement comprehensive processing of hydrocarbon feed to produce the following main products:

  • fuels, including gasolines, diesel, heating oil, RT and Jet А-1 jet fuels, marine and heating fuels, furnace fuel oil;
  • individual aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, orthoxylene, paraxylene);
  • lube oils (motor, transmission, compressor, industrial, base oils);
  • road, construction, roof bitumens;
  • other petroleum refining products, including various petroleum solvents, unconverted oil, vacuum gas oil, slack wax and sulfuric acid.

The company has a wide range of highly efficient modern processes: crude distillation, secondary processes (hydrotreating, reforming, isomerization, aromatic hydrocarbon production and recovery), mild and high-pressure hydrocracking processes, visbreaking and thermal cracking, complex processes for oils and bitumens production. Petroleum is processed at more than 40 units, which makes it possible to obtain a wide range of refined products.

In 2008 as a result of petrochemical industry improvement a large petrochemical enterprise - Polymir plant - merged with OJSC Naftan. At present our enterprise produces a wide range of petrochemical products: low density polyethylene, acrylic fibers, products of organic synthesis, low-tonnage chemistry and others.

The basis of Polymir plant technology is pyrolysis of hydrocarbon feed - gasoline and light hydrocarbon fractions from petroleum and gas refineries. The technology includes numerous stages of pyrolysis hydrocarbon fractions processing with end products obtaining.

The enterprise produces wide range of chemicals.

  • Low density polyethylene
  • Acrylic fibers
  • Products of organic synthesis
  • Hydrocarbon fractions
  • Low-tonnage chemistry
  • Commodities

In the course of production and technical facilities creation technologies of the largest foreign companies from England, Japan, Germany, Italy (Courtaulds, Asahi Chemical Co. Ltd, Kanematsu Gosho, SNIA BPD etc.), as well as the developments of research and design institutes of the CIS countries, were used.

The products manufactured by the enterprise are competitive due to their high quality, diverse assortment and active marketing; they are widely known and have numerous consumers in the domestic market as well as in CIS and foreign countries. Advantageous geographical location of the enterprise contributes to this. More than 60% of polyethylene, acrylic fiber, organic synthesis products and hydrocarbon fractions are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Finland, Poland, Iran, Baltics, Hungary, Bulgaria, China and other countries.

Polymir plant products are used in a wide variety of industries: cable production, plastics processing, production of packaging materials, carpets, textile fabrics and knitwear, artificial fur, production of household chemicals and other products. A number of organic compounds offered by Polymir plant are also used as feedstock for further synthesis of various special chemicals.

High quality of OJSC Naftan products ensures a wide demand in the Customs Union countries, as well as in the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. OJSC Naftan products are known in the markets of more than 40 countries, where they are delivered by rail, sea and road transport.