MGE-46V OIL FOR HYDROSTATIC DRIVES is produced in accordance with TU 38.001347–00 and is designed for hydraulic systems lubrication of agricultural and other machinery operating at pressure up to 35 MPa with short-term increase to 42 MPa.

No. Property MGE‑46V
1 Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s:
—  at 100 °C, min
—  at 40 °C, within range
—  at 0 °C, max

2 Viscosity index, min 90
3 Acid number, mg КОН / 1 g of oil, within range 0.7–1.5
4 Pour point, °C, max Minus 32
5 Open cup flash point, °C, min 190
6 Mechanical  impurities None
7 Water content None
8 Tribological properties at four‑ball tester at (20±5) °C:
— wear variable (Di) at axial load 196,2 N (20 kgf) within 1 h, mm, max

9 Oxidation  stability:
— mass fraction of sediments in oil after oxidation,%, max
— change in acid number of oxidated oil compared to fresh oil, mg КОН / 1 g of oil, max

10 Corrosion tests within 3 h at 100 °C on М2 grade copper strip of as per GOST 859, rating, max
11 Change in mass of grade UIM‑1 gum in oil within 72 h at 80 °C,%, max 40
12 Density at 15 °C, kg/m3, max 894


  1. During MGE‑46V oil production involving VNII NP‑357 wear inhibitor the norms for parameters in p.3 “Acid number” and p.10 “Corrosion tests” are specified “within range 0.5–1.5 mg KOH / 1 g of oil” and “max 2c” respectively
  2. For quality check of MGE‑46V oil OJSC “Naftan” performs acceptance tests for all parameters of table 1 except the following: “Kinematic viscosity at 0 °C” (p.1), “Oxidation stability” (p.9) and “Change in mass of grade UIM‑1 gum in MGE‑46V oil” (p.11), which are checked at regular intervals.
  3. “Density” parameter (p.12) is specified by OJSC “Naftan” only in case of oil supply to Russia.