Belarusian petrochemical industry was born on the ancient Polotsk land, on the left bank of the Western Dvina river. Novopolotsk refinery stood at the origins of the vanguard branch of economy and remains an important element of the republic's industrial complex.

Construction of the plant started on August 6, 1958 by order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Initially the refinery was designed to process 6 mln tons of crude oil per year.

Main criteria in the choice of the construction site were:

  • favourable geographic location – near western borders (which allowed exporting into the countries of the Western Europe);
  • the necessity to supply oil products to western regions of the USSR;
  • the proximity of Polotsk – a large transport hub.

On February 9, 1963 first gasoline of the Belarusian origin was produced in Novopolotsk. This date is considered the birthday of Naftan.

In those years the production base comprised the Crude Distillation Unit with the capacity of 2 mln tons per year (AVT-1), the Fuel Oil Thermal Cracking Unit, and the Bitumen Production Unit.

In 1964 Catalytic Gasoline Reforming Unit was commissioned. In 1965 – the Oil Production Complex with the capacity of 120 thousand tons per year, the second Crude Distillation Unit AVT-2 with the

capacity of 2 mln tons per year, the Diesel Fuel Hydrotreatment Unit, the Dry Gases Desulfurization Unit, and the Sulfuric Acid Production Unit were commissioned.

In January 1971, Polotsk Refinery (back then) was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for its achievements in production activities.

Afterwards, oil refining capacities were systematically increased to 25 mln tons per year. This peak was recorded in 1980.

In accordance with Order of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus dated August 28, 2002 No. 118, Republican Unitary Enterprise Novopolotsk Production Association “Naftan” was reorganized into Open Joint-Stock Company “Naftan”. Year 2004 was marked by a successful completion of the Programme for modernization and reconstruction of the enterprise “Naftan 1999-2003”, which covered the whole process cycle of the enterprise. 11 major projects were implemented, including Vacuum Gasoil Hydrocracking Complex.

In 2006, "Naftan" and "Lukoil" organized a joint venture to produce oil additives – JLLC LLK-Naftan.

Based on the decision of the extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting dd. 1 December 2008 OJSC Naftan was reorganized by accession of OJSC Polymir.