Management of OJSC Naftan understand their responsibility to the employees of the company, persons working on our behalf, consumers of our products, population living in the area affected by our company for preservation of favourable environment, rational use of natural resources and green production.

  • Comply with environmental laws;
  • Contribute to ecologic and economic balance between production and safety of the environment;
  • Using efficient system of environmental management, continuously improve our environmental results;
  • Notify suppliers of feedstock and services, contractors and consumers about the requirements of the environmental policy;
  • Provide for constant monitoring of environment;
  • Involve all staff of the company in improvement of environmental safety;
  • Improve the level of professional and ecologic awareness of the staff;
  • Introduce leading-edge scientific research results and technologies in order to gradually reduce consumption of natural resources, materials and energy at maximum possible production output;
  • Continuously reduce negative impact of our activity on the environment (reduce pollutant discharge and emissions, waste production);
  • Develop and implement measures aimed at prevention or abatement of environment pollution;
  • ncrease environmental safety of production facilities of the company, reduce negative impact on the environment through improvement of reliability of process equipment, ensuring its safe and trouble-free operation;
  • Reduce anthropogenic impact on the environment through improvement of design documentation development and environmental impact assessments;
  • Exchange information related to environmental issues with all parties concerned (consumers, public associations, suppliers, regulatory authorities, non-governmental organizations, investors and employees).

Achieving a balance between the environment, society and economy for the benefit of the current and future generations, striving for leadership in the field of the environment are constituents of sustainable development of OJSC Naftan.

Andrey V. Soiko, Director General of OJSC Naftan 1st December 2020