Welcome to the official website of OJSC Naftan - the largest petrochemical complex that produces various fuels, lubricating oils and bitumens, aromatic hydrocarbons and petrochemical products.

The efforts of our many-thousand-strong team are aimed at improving the competitiveness of production, increasing efficiency, technical level, reliability and safety of production.

OJSC Naftan is aware of its responsibility to employees, consumers and population of the region for preservation of the environment, sustainable use of natural resources, and ecological safety of production. OJSC Naftan is open to constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation, implementation of innovative projects for marketable and competitive products production.

Our petrochemical complex continues its steady course towards modernization in all spheres of its activity, answering global trends and needs of domestic and foreign consumers.

We are pleased to invite you for cooperation!

Рады запрасіць вас да супрацоўніцтва!

Respectfully, Andrey V. Soiko Director General OJSC Naftan