Holiday Camp YAKOVTSY

The tourist base of Naftan OJSC can simultaneously host more than 200 employees of Naftan OJSC and members of their families. The base is located in the ecologically clean and picturesque region on the bank of Lake Yakovtsy.

Throughout many years the traditional recreation season is open from June 1 to August 31. The visitors are offered comfortable industrial modules, dining hall, parking lot, sauna, rent of boats and catamarans, billiards, lawn tennis, badminton, inflatable trampolines for children, and cultural and entertaining program on Saturdays for visitors of any age.

The rehabilitation season is preceded by hard work of the personnel of the social and housing complex of Naftan OJSC, namely repairs, painting of structures and equipment, cleaning of the territory and lawn mowing, planting of ornamental plants, bringing indoor premises in order. The water area of the breach is surveyed and cleaned by OSVOD divers.

Contact information

Address: Yakovtsy village, Zelenkovskiy settlement council, Polotsk district
Valentin V. Molozhavy, Director of the tourist base
Phone 8-(029)-148-48-69