Needs and aspiration for healthy life style will head the company's employee as well as any citizen of Novopolotsk into the sports complex of Naftan OJSC.

The visitors of the sports complex will find here not only diversion from hard labour but become a participants of battle, not industrial but sporting ones this time: play indoor soccer, volleyball, lawn or table tennis, billiards, have some training in the training room and have a rest in rehabilitation centres.

The sporting life of the staff of Naftan OJSC in the framework of interdepartmental annual contest also passes in this sports complex.

Over 700 children get their physical education in 52 groups of children and youth sports school located in the sports complex of Naftan OJSC. The students keep close sports contact with their peers from the Russian Federation including athletes from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Pskov, Velikiye Luki.

The reconstruction of the sports complex is over: indoor rooms were repaired, the façade of the building got new appearance, new roof was constructed, the area was improved, and the surface turf of the soccer field was replaced.

Contact information

Address: 136b, Molodezhnaya St., Novopolotsk, 211440
Vladimir I. Petrov, Director of the complex
Phone 8-(0214)-51-88-93