The departmental clinic serves over 8.5 thousand people including 1,400 employees of service and related enterprises which are business partners of Naftan OJSC.

Good level of servicing of the plant staff is provided due to continuously upgraded equipment, modern medicines, favourable conditions of medical staff operation.

It will take just an instant to check eyesight due to the most up-to-date equipment. Dentists are provided with the technology of computer reconstruction of teeth. The diagnostic laboratory is proud of the X-ray system with remote control and digital image processing for X-ray diagnostics in checking of skull, skeleton, digestion system, urography, lungs examination.

In the clinic one can receive advice from experts, take a medical examination with modern equipment, undergo treatment on a day ward basis.

2.5 thousand patients are put under special observation and are taken special care of.

The support of the management of the enterprise allows the facility No. 29 of the plant to rank among the leading medical establishments of the region throughout several years. Special attention paid by the management of the petrochemical giant raises amazement and approval of representatives of other medical establishments visiting the plant's clinic. All of more than 80 people working there are high professionals of their matter who put their best effort into serving their professional duty.

Contact information

Address: Industrial area, Novopolotsk, 211440
Phone: 8-(0214)-59-82-74 (waiting room)
Fax: 8-(0214)-59-82-74
Sergey M. Chubrik, Chief Doctor
Phone: 8-(0214)-59-82-73