Dear suppliers of chemical substances for OJSC "Naftan!
In connection with the development of the national Register of Chemical Substances and Mixtures and the necessity to include in the above-mentioned Register chemicals produced by you, we ask you to take part in the inventory of chemical substances and mixtures, which is organized and implemented in the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Scientific and Practical Center of Hygiene" or take part in the inventory in the country of residence. Details in the attached file.

OJSC “Naftan” will consider business proposals on the use of the executive-class property in Balashiha, Moscow region, Russian Federation. Detailed description of the facility is attached. (Demand analysis (executive class property complex in Balashiha, Russian Federation), Investment proposal (sale, rent, other use of the facility))


Novopolotsk refinery was at the very beginning of the avant-garde sector of the national economy and currently is an important part of the industrial complex in the republic.

Fates of tens of thousands of people are bound with our enterprise. Because of it the city of Novopolotsk appeared on the map of Belarus. It was at Naftan that the first Belarusian gasoline was produced. And over the half a century more than 700 million tons of crude oil have been processed, over 60 % of products are exported nowadays. These figures reflect the self sacrificing labour of three generations of refiners, erectors, construction workers.

OJSC “Naftan” is a large oil refinery and petrochemical complex producing different types of fuel, lubricating oils and bitumens, aromatic hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.