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Open Joint-Stock Company "NAFTAN"

Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk Region,
211441, Novopolotsk,
Telephone: +375(214)59-82-57, Teletype 293215 "Zvezda"
Central fax at the Administration Department: +375(214)59-88-88
Fax at the Marketing Department: +375(214)59-80-00
UNP 300042199, OKPO 05778477

Working hours:

Administrative and management personnel: from 8-30 to 17-15, lunch break: from 13-00 to 13-45.
Pass office (central gatehouse): from 7-00 to 17-15, no lunch breaks.
Pass office (gatehouses No. 3, 6): from 8-00 to 16-45, lunch break: from 12-00 to 12-45.
Administrative office OJSC “Naftan”: from 8-30 to 17-15, lunch break: from 13-00 to 13-45, service breaks: from 11-40 to 12-00, from 15-40 to 16-00.
Personnel department: from 8-30 to 17-15, lunch break: from 13-00 to 13-45, service break from 11-00 до 12-00.
Personnel training department: from 8-30 до 17-15, lunch break: from 13-00 to 13-45.

Contact phones of top management:

Name Title Phones
Andrej V. SOIKO Director General +375(214)59-82-57 (secretary)
Grigoriy I. Plastinin First Deputy Director General - Chief Engineer +375(214)59-82-57 (secretary)
Ilya V. Ikan Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance +375(214)59-83-82
Sergey K. Khomich Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues +375(214)59-85-50
Sergey F. Altukhov Deputy Director General for Production +375(214)59-88-27
Alexandr V. Gudoshnikov Chief Accountant +375(214)59-82-07
Sergey I. Evtushik Deputy Director General for ideological work, personnel and social development +375(214)59-41-55
Sergey A. Khramov Deputy Director General for material and technical provision +375(214)59-43-43
Oleg V. Zhebin Deputy Director General for chemical production – Director of the plant “Polymir” +375(214)55-72-10 (secretary)
Pavel I. Pototsky Acting Deputy Director General – head of directorate for investment projects and construction +375(214)59-82-64
Andrey N. Sinitsa Deputy Director General for restricted and secret work +375(214)59-88-29

Contact persons speaking foreign languages:

Anton I. Vegera – Head of Tender Sales, Analysis and Forecast Department +375(214)59-47-08 German
Olga Yeliseeva - Translator JSC "Naftan" +375(214)59-82-05 English


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Web-site content supervisor Igor Z. Liahnovich
Reference service of JSC “Naftan” +375-214-59-80-09

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