The top-priority objective of Naftan OJSC in the labour protection sphere is provision of safety, safeguarding of life, health and workability of the staff of Naftan OJSC in the labour process. To do this, Naftan OJSC employs and enhances the labour safety management system.

Guided by the principle of continuous improvement of the labour safety management system, the management of Naftan OJSC undertakes to:

  • comply with regulatory and other requirements applicable to the activity of Naftan OJSC
  • improve labour conditions, increase security level, reduce the risk of industrial injuries and occupational diseases, accidents and emergencies;
  • continuously identify hazards, assess and control risks;
  • finance measures to improve working and labour safety conditions in the necessary scope;
  • continuously increase awareness of the staff of Naftan OJSC in relation to labour safety;
  • implement the idea that labour safety at each working place in any structural division and in Naftan OJSC in general is the matter of each and everyone;
  • systematically inform the employees about conditions of labour at their working places;
  • notify about all changes in the labour safety policy to all staff of Naftan OJSC and other related parties.

The top management of Naftan OJSC undertakes to require from all employees of the company and contractors to operate in accordance with the requirements of the labour safety law.

Any initiatives of the employees of Naftan OJSC aimed at improvement of conditions and enhancement of the level of labour safety in the framework of the declared policy will be supported by the management.

This policy is the basis for setting objectives in the labour safety area and their implementation.

Vladimir Tretiakov,
Director General of Naftan OJSC